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After getting success of my responsive Google Map post, i decided to create a WordPress Plugin. It is easy to install like the other plugin. The best and favorite part of this plugin is Responsiveness. This plugin don’t need any extra functionality or CSS to make it responsive. You can freely use it on your website sidebar, posts and pages.


How to use Google Map Plugin?

It is so simple to use this plugin. Just install it like the other plugins and activate it.


After the plugin activation you will get the GMap icon in posts and pages section’s text editor.


When you click on that GMap icon, then you will get two options to highlight your location on Google Map.

  1. Get your Location with your complete Address including the country name.
  2. OR With laLtitude and Longitude

Just select any option that suitable for you, Enter the information in blank fields and just click on the Insert button to generate the shortcode for the Google Map.


Your shortcode for Responsive Google Map is looks like the below example:


How to Control Zoom, Drag, Marker in the Plugin?

After installation of this plugin you can find a new generated option in Settings > GMap Settings menu. Through these settings you can control the ZOOM, Drag and Marker Settings on the Google Map.


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You can set it in Posts, Pages and widgets. Please feel free to report any bug or suggestion in comment section.

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  • Carlos Sanchez

    Hi?? How to use the plugin shortcode in a theme?

    • @disqus_LS1beaH8t3:disqus Hi, To use this plugin in your theme is easy and described above in the article. If you are facing some problem then please let me know or direct get in touch with me via google+, twitter or facebook.

  • Gabe

    Thanks for the great plugin. Works perfectly and very easy to use.

    • Glad you like it, I will be updated it soon with some more features, but a little pending because of busy schedule. If you have some ideas related to this plugin then please let me know.


    Definitely I love this plugin, thank u 🙂

  • Chris

    Hi. I just can’t find your plugin in Plugin search. Can i download it somewhere else?

  • Chris

    Great plugin, very easy to use. Is there any way to add in the mapping controls (pan, zoom etc) to the map or to change the zoom? I tried to change the zoom in the shortcode without any luck. An help on the above would be great.

    • @disqus_TWaZ7GJUqG:disqus Hi Chris, First of all thanks you like it. I have updated my Post and added in the end of the post “How to Control Zoom, Drag, Marker in the Plugin?”.

  • Snoopy15

    How to add Plugin in template? do_shortcode() function doesn’t work form me. 🙁

    • Snoopy15

      sorry for delay response, May i have know still you have problem to implement google map shortcode into your theme?

      If yes then please let me know hows you are implementing it?

      echo do_shortcode("[om_gmap lat='28.9285745' lng='77.09149350000007' mapHeight='300']");

  • IanErickson

    It is responsive but the Red Google Pointer is missing and also missing is the One Touch for directions.

    • @IanErickson This is because you missed to enable it from Settings > Gmap Settings then enable the option to check the Enable Marker on Map 🙂

      • Andrey Ryzhenko

        it’s realy missed
        not into plugin zip

        • @andreyryzhenko:disqus I think the problem is something else. The image is exists and its working fine. Can you show me the exact error or hows its displaying without marker?

          • Andrey Ryzhenko

            It’s so stange, but then i download from, I see only ‘contact_form_id.png’ into images/ folder.

            Inside settings.php I see
            $Marker = isset( $options[‘om_marker’] ) ? plugin_dir_url(__FILE__) . “images/marker_” . $options[‘om_marker’] . “.png” : “”;

            But if disable line /* */, then img of marker is loading automaticaly from google api:
            var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
            map: map,
            draggable: false,
            /* */
            position: new google.maps.LatLng(, )

          • Andrey Ryzhenko hi andrey, Please update the plugin with the latest version and its working fine and improved.


          • Andrey Ryzhenko

            cool, it’s work! 🙂

        • Nicolas

          I have the same problem: no marker image in the plugin

          • Hi Nicolas please wait a while to dig into error.

  • Alexander

    I would like to change the icon and add a picture or description to it. Is that possible?

    • Alexander Hi Alex, First of all thank you to using my plugin. Right now there is only one custom icon to change in place of marker. And yes your can add the description into the infowindow. There is a option infowindow(with textarea), when you inserting the GMap. Or Simply your can add directly like :

      [om_gmap zoom="9" lat="28.9285745" lng="77.09149350000007" infowindow="Your Description here" wpcf=""]

      Please let me know if it helps you. With my next update i will add a new feature to insert the image and description with new look and feel.

  • Alexander

    Hi Jogesh,

    yes, did the trick. Do you know whether you will be able to include a goggle business marker in the next version?

    • @disqus_BOaishAV5Y:disqus I will try to update it on this weekend or if possible then before it.

  • Diego Perez

    Hello Jogesh,

    Can I custom the marker? Thank you!

    • Hi Diego, Please wait for a while for my next update.

  • Sabrina

    Hi Jogesh,

    I have enabled draggable map but it is not draggable on my site.

  • Javi

    Can this plug in be used with ig page builder? If so, how?