How to Install TinyMCE in Drupal 7

By default Drupal don’t have any editor to writing content of a page or article. But it gives you the facility to install your favorite editor. In this post we are going to install TinyMCE editor. One of my favorite editor. So what we have to do is; to install WYSIWYG module in our Drupal website.

Install Wysiwyg Module:


Go to the WYSIWYG module and download the module for Drupal 7 compatible.

Next login into your website and click on the module menu on the top of your website. Now in the module section find out the Install New Module link and just install your wysiwyg module.

In the next step you have to enable it, just find out your module and click on the check-box and click on the Save Configuration button.


After click on the configuration button, you got a list of Text editors with links. Just download your favorite editor and follow there instructions just below the download link. I have installed TinyMCE, in my client website so here goes after downloading TinyMCE zip file, just extract it and place with the following : sites/all/libraries/tinymce.

After finishing the steps just go again on the wysiwyg configuration section, and select your TinyMCE editor and click on the save button.

Now just go the edit button into the operations tab. After clicking on edit go to the buttons and plugins tab and click on it. And choose what you want to appear the buttons on your TinyMCE editor and finally press on the save button.


Now we just have to check the TinyMCE editor, go to the content menu on the top of your admin menus. Click on Add Content link, and click on the Basic Page or whatever and your TinyMCE editor comes on in the body section.