Introduction of ES6 Map in JavaScript

The Map is the new object type that allows storing collections of key-value pairs. The map is similar to the Object but the main difference is that Map allows keys of any type, even objects or functions. It is easy to get the size of a Map, while it needs more effort to get the size of objects.

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Random hex color Generator JavaScript

Short and effective script to generate random hex color. We start with a random number to multiply with white color (Hex Code is 0xFFFFFF ), now we have to convert the randomly generated values into the hexadecimal value to display the color.

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How to make Responsive Google Map with Google Map API

If you want to make Responsive Google Map then you have two ways, one with CSS and the second? Yes JavaScript. After doing a little struggle and research, i decided to distribute this research to Web Designers and Developer to make the things easy. So let’s move on the first basic steps with CSS.

If you are using WordPress, then feel free to use the Responsive Google Map plugin for WordPress.

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