Laravel 5.5 Pagination for Bootstrap 4

There are multiple ways to replace Laravel’s default pagination with Bootstrap 4 Pagination. To get the laravel default pagination template you have to run the php artisan vendor:publish command in your terminal and this command will auto generates all the pagination templates including bootstrap 4 pagination template. If you check the resources/views then you find there is a folder with name vendor that holds another pagination directory with 4 files:

  • bootstrap-4.blade.php
  • default.blade.php
  • simple-bootstrap-4.blade.php
  • simple-default.blade.php

Now default.blade.php is the file which is attached with the {{ $paginator->render() }} method. To using the Bootstrap 4 pagination template use links() instead of rendor(), with links() method you can use your own pagination template. You should use it like {{ $paginator->links('vendor/pagination/bootstrap-4') }} and you will get the bootstrap 4 pagination on your view.

Alternative way to implement pagination with render() method.


There is one another way to use the bootstrap 4 pagination template in laravel without using the $paginator->links() method by using the AbstractPaginator class. AbstractPaginator class has a static method defaultView( $view ) that holds the default pagination template. By replacing this default view from AbstractPaginator::defaultView($view) we can use the pagination template with $paginator->render() method.

Lets implement the alternative way, Open the bootstrap/app.php file from your root directory and includes the Illuminate\Pagination\AbstractPaginator::defaultView("pagination::bootstrap-4"); line before return $app;


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