Form validation in Node.js

We are not covering the installation of Node.js or setup routes

We need to form validation to get user input based on defined form. Server-side validation is must because we never trust the frontend validation. Frontend validation could not work in some cases if the user turned off his client-side JavaScript.

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Simple Chat application with NodeJs and

To building a chat application we need to implement long/short pooling with JavaScript or jQuery. We can’t say it real-time chat because the user has to wait until the poll response comes. Thanks to, which provides a bi-directional communication channel between a client and a server.

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Secure POST request with CSRF in NodeJs

Security is a major concern when you creating an app or website. Frameworks have built-in security features that sometimes you just need to activate. Anyway, We are not talking about the framework in this post. But when you build something from scratch then you must keep this in your mind.

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