How to Share React Native App during development

React Native is a great framework for building mobile apps for Android and iOS. Sometimes we require to share the progress of the app with clients. It is very easy with Expo that we are using to create an app.

The very first, your client must have Expo Client installed on their phone. Your client can download the Expo Client as per their device i.e. Android or iOS.

The next step is to publish your React Native app using expo. You need the expo-cli tool to publish your project.

Make sure you have an account with expo. If not then please signup and create your account first.

If you haven’t installed the expo-cli then use the following command to install it to your system.

npm install -g expo-cli

Once the installation finish, use the expo login command to log in through command line.

Now the final step is to navigate to the root directory of your project and use the expo-cli publish command to publish your react native project.

Publish React Native Project

You will get the URL like after finishing the publish command. And this is the URL that you need to share with your client.