Introduction of ES6 Map in JavaScript

The Map is the new object type that allows storing collections of key-value pairs. The map is similar to the Object but the main difference is that Map allows keys of any type, even objects or functions. It is easy to get the size of a Map, while it needs more effort to get the size of objects.

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How to Disable Gutenberg Editor and Enable Classic Editor

The Gutenberg Editor bundled with WordPress 5.0 as default editor. But still, there are peoples who don’t like the Gutenberg Editor as compare to the Classic Editor. In this article, we will learn how to disable the Gutenberg Editor and make the default Classic Editor. You don’t need the technical knowledge to follow this process.

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How to Communicate with Components in React Navigation

The Goal

Recently I have created a small mobile app with the React Hooks. The app is basically for a three-step enquiry form. We have used the useState() hook to collect the input. We will use three screens i.e. Home Screen, Profile Screen, and the Confirmation Screen. The Home Screen contains the two-child screens Profile and Confirmation. The Profile Screen is basically to enter the profile data like name, email, and phone. And the Confirmation Screen is to display the Profile Screen data before submitting it.

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