Laradock Laravel database connection refused

Laradock is a PHP development environment which runs on Docker. It is a collection of images such as Nginx, Apache, MySQL, Composer, Supervisord, Redis, etc. that required for your application development. Starting with Laradock is pretty easy with the following command:

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Sending Slack Notification with Laravel

Laravel has lots of built-in and advanced features to make any developer impress with. Sending Notifications are one of them. You can send email, SMS or Slack notification with its built-in functionality. In this article, we going to send the slack notification with Laravel.

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Laravel Notification – Customize markdown email header and footer

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP Framework. Today we are going to talk about its built in Email Notification functionality. We are using make:notification artisan command to create notification. The Notification only available on Laravel 5.3.x and above. I am using Laravel 5.7.x and hope this will works with the supported versions too.

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Laravel Customize Default Authentication

Laravel provides built-in authentication by default that includes many security features. But its built-in Authentication only works with email and password fields. If we have any status field or if we want to store logs of logged in users then we don’t have other option then building own customized authentication. In this post, we are doing login with email, password and one more extra field of status/role. I am using status field and it depends on you which field you are using on your custom authentication.  Read More