Laravel Customize Default Authentication

Laravel provides built-in authentication by default that includes many security features. But its built-in Authentication only works with email and password fields. If we have any status field or if we want to store logs of logged in users then we don’t have other option then building own customized authentication. In this post, we are doing login with email, password and one more extra field of status/role. I am using status field and it depends on you which field you are using on your custom authentication.  Read More

Custom Image Upload in WordPress

WordPress has lots of functionality to expend it according to your needs. We are going to talk about Add Media button. When we are creating any post/pages in WordPress, there is a button on the left side with the name Add Media which is used to add media files to your post/page.

Default Add Media Button

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Top Python Libraries for Data Science in 2017

Recently Python is the most focused language in the Data Science Industry. I have collected some of the most popular library used by Python for Data Science. All the provided libraries are Open Source. I am giving you a short details about the library including GitHub link, Start rating, commits and contributors info.

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Laravel 5.5 Pagination for Bootstrap 4

There are multiple ways to replace Laravel’s default pagination with Bootstrap 4 Pagination. To get the laravel default pagination template you have to run the php artisan vendor:publish command in your terminal and this command will auto generates all the pagination templates including bootstrap 4 pagination template. If you check the resources/views then you find there is a folder with name vendor that holds another pagination directory with 4 files:

  • bootstrap-4.blade.php
  • default.blade.php
  • simple-bootstrap-4.blade.php
  • simple-default.blade.php

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Implementing Swift Mailer with Codeigniter

As we know that Composer is a tool for dependency management and we are going to use it to implement Swift Mailer. According to the Codeigniter Documentation, We can use Composer by settings $config['composer_autoload']; in your application/config/config.php. Now use terminal and locate your projects application directory by simple CD (Change Directory) command. Now make sure you have installed Composer, You can check the installation by typing the following command composer --v and if Composer installed into your machine it will tell you about the current version of the Composer.

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