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Make effective CSS3 animation

Now these days one of the talked about feature of modern browsers is CSS3, you can create lots of cool and impressive stuff with the help of CSS3 and if we talking about animation, then you don’t have to use JavaScript to create animation of your DOM element. CSS3 has some overbearing properties that provide smooth animation.


This is a small example of CSS3 animation, hope you guys enjoying it. So what we have to do, first we have to prepare our DOM elements, take a look on blow example:

Create 3D button with Pure CSS3

CSS3 becomes more and more popular now these days, It’s great combination with HTML5 helps to create incredible designs. But when we talking about the cross browser compatibility then the IE8 and below versions of IE is really a big challenge for designers. Well my this article is about to create effective and impressive 3D button with CSS3.

You don’t need to use any photo-shop or image editor software to create a 3D button for latest browsers. Because CSS3 has the ability to create the web graphics or web stuff like 3D buttons, animations, gradients effect etc. With the use of :active selector you can also animate the 3D button.

Create tab using jquery and css

Creating tab is very simple with the use of CSS and JQuery. As We know that JQuery is the most popular JavaScript Library. In this Post you can find all the stuff that you need to creating tab. Well if we talking about why we using tab, because with the use of tab we can provide more data or introduce more stuff about the website and divide that stuff in separate tabs. Each Tab contain the relative data or HTML Stuff.

AS you see in the below HTML section, that i have used li markup, which contain the tabs, Tab 1 and Tab 2. And below div with i also set two div which contain the separate tab data. Now you have to play with the CSS that gives the look of tabs to this HTML section. And you will get the CSS, just below the HTML Section.

Fade In / Fade Out with CSS Transition

It is easy to make fade in / fade out effect with pure CSS, means no need to any JavaScript or jQuery. But this fade in/out effect only working in latest browsers only, here is the list of the supported WebKit browsers:

Browsers list:

  1. Chrome 1.0
  2. Firefox(Gecko) 4.0(2)
  3. Internet Explorer 10
  4. Opera 10.5
  5. Safari (WebKit) 3.2

To make it all browser compatible you have to use jQuery or JavaScript, in jQuery it is simple with the fadein() and fadeout() function. There are few transition property that we are using in this fade in / out effect.

Create sticky footer with jquery and css

When we design a website that time we are not sure about the page height means how much long or short our page. In most of the cases we are trying to fill the page with more and more content so that the footer of the page appear always on the bottom of the page. But in some case we don’t have enough content to represent to the visitors and in that case the footer looks weird that attached with the content.

sticky footer