Ajax based contact form

If you want to make an application which respond quickly without refreshing the page then, JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) and AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) combination is great to achieve that. In this post we are making a simple Ajax based contact form which respond the result in JSON format that we want, and with the help of jquery we display the JSON data.

Through AJAX we are sending the contact form data to a php file(submit_contact_form.php) and then getting the response as an JSON format, but as you see that in my php file, i didn’t used the ‘json_encode()’ function, the reason behind this is ‘json_encode()’ require PHP5 or above. But in this example i created the same format with the help of ‘echo’ that will work for me in PHP4.4.9 too.

So, Here is the HTML structure for the contact form, just put this structure inside the body tag.

Image upload and resize with php

There is a lot of things that we want to do with in less time and working properly. Lets take an example to resize an image, for doing this first of all we need an image edit software and then open that image and resize and at the last save. That will take a lot of time, I am not talking here about image editing software or how to edit an image. I am talking about how to resize an image with php. Obvisioly if you want to edit an image then Adobe Family’s products are far batter whose provide you a lot of functionality.

Now lets come to the point, Before starting let i tell you a bit about this image resizing class. First of all we need to verify an image means get the file extension and check whether it is an image or not. I allow only .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png files. After that we have to check the image size, then set the image width and height according to real image, so that the quality of an image remain same, means not stretch when we resize it. Then simply genrate a new image that’s it.

Read RSS Feeds with SimpleXML

RSS(Really Simple Syndication) is used to distribute updated web content of the website to all over the world. It is generally used by those who updated his work over the web such as blog entries, news bulletins, audios or videos. RSS basically a Standardized XML format which allow publishing the data on the web and easily reading by any programming language Like Java, .NET, PHP etc. RSS provide benefit to there user who want to get the favorite latest information from subscribed website.

Here is an example to read RSS feeds with SimpleXML. SimpleXML is a extension of PHP that allow users to read or manipulate xml data. If you want to use this extension then you have to use PHP5 or grater then.