Display custom message on WordPress admin

In some point of view when we developed a custom WordPress plugin or theme, we have to notify users for any urgent update, error, or any custom message on the WordPress admin section. All this is done by admin_notices hook function.

WordPress Admin Notice

In this article, we are going to play with some codes. We highly recommend taking a backup before doing anything.

In WordPress, there is a particular area to write your own codes and that is through the functions.php file. You can find this file in your theme directory.

function wp231_general_admin_notice() {
    global $pagenow;
    if ( $pagenow == 'options-general.php' ) {
		echo '<div class="notice notice-warning is-dismissible">
			<p>My test message on the settings page.</p>
add_action('admin_notices', 'wp231_general_admin_notice');

The above codes will generate a custom notice at Settings > General page. As you see that we have used a global variable i.e. $pagenow, which will return the current page URI. In our case, we checked for options-general.php which is the General page URI. This is how you get the admin notice when you visit on the General page.

Admin Notice on General Settings PAge

Let’s discuss a bit more about the notice style. As you see the notice has the yellow shadow on the left side which is because of notice-warning CSS class. There are more CSS classes i.e. notice-warning, notice-error, notice-success, notice-info and you can use it according to your customized notice.

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