How to add static block to page in magento

Before implementing the static block we have to create a page where we will add our block. So first of all create a page through Magento’s back-end section. We have already created a page with the nameHome PageNow we have to move on the Stick Block section.

Create Static Block

First of all let we create a block for our home page. Navigate CMS in menus list and you can find the Stick Blocks sub-menu under CMS, then click on Static Block.
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Make effective CSS3 animation

Now these days one of the talked about feature of modern browsers is CSS3, you can create lots of cool and impressive stuff with the help of CSS3 and if we talking about animation, then you don’t have to use JavaScript to create animation of your DOM element. CSS3 has some overbearing properties that provide smooth animation.


This is a small example of CSS3 animation, hope you guys enjoying it. So what we have to do, first we have to prepare our DOM elements, take a look on blow example:
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How to installing PEAR on WAMP

In PHP, PEAR stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository. Recently i has been installed PEAR on WAMP(Windows Apache MySql PHP) machine in window 7. I am using two versions of PHP in my local wamp machine that is PHP5.2.9 and PHP5.3.10. I installed pear with PHP5.2.9, and also you can depends on you PHP version.

What have to do to install PEAR?

First of all you have to download file, and put this file into your PHP directory. I installed my wamp on “D:\” drive, and by default it is installing on “C:\” drive so please make sure about the location of your WAMP machine, and the go-pear.phar file should go like “D:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.9\go-pear.phar”.
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Create simple and effective toolbar with Toolbar.js

Today’s we are talking about a simple but effect jQuery plugin: toolbar.js; This plugin helps you to quickly create a tooltip style toolbar for your web application or website; toolbar.js is using twitter bootstrap icons to display toolbar icons which is cross-browser compatible as well.

How to user toolbar.js?

It is very easy to implement into your web application, take a look on the HTML code:

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