Animation with CSS3 transform

There are a lot of new features in CSS3 like fade in / fade out, scale and rotate, animation etc; which help us to beautify our website to give it a new look with CSS3 features.

In this post we are going to create an effective animation with the help of@keyframe. First we have to make some animation with the help of other CSS3 properties like in this example we are making the animation with transform and after that we can bind this animation to the selectors with help of CSS3 animation properties. Please take a look on the below code to make this animation.

CSS3 Animation
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How to add static block to page in magento

Before implementing the static block we have to create a page where we will add our block. So first of all create a page through Magento’s back-end section. We have already created a page with the nameHome PageNow we have to move on the Stick Block section.

Create Static Block

First of all let we create a block for our home page. Navigate CMS in menus list and you can find the Stick Blocks sub-menu under CMS, then click on Static Block.
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How to use AJAX in WordPress theme

Now these days AJAX become more popular to create dynamic, user-friendly and responsive websites. AJAX is the technology to send and receive data with reload the page in web browser. One of the great example you can see in Google DOCS, that saving your work in few minutes or you can see instant image upload.

What is AJAX?

If still you are not familiar with AJAX then we suggest you to read about AJAX on Wikipedia. Or you can use AJAX with jQuery, one of the most popular JavaScript Library. AJAX is the combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that helped you to send data to the particular file and receive the response from that file without refreshing the browser or page.
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