How to add static block to page in magento

Before implementing the static block we have to create a page where we will add our block. So first of all create a page through Magento’s back-end section. We have already created a page with the nameHome PageNow we have to move on the Stick Block section.

Create Static Block

First of all let we create a block for our home page. Navigate CMS in menus list and you can find the Stick Blocks sub-menu under CMS, then click on Static Block.

Static Block

Now you get the new view for the Static Block, Now you have to navigate for Add New Block in the right side, click on that. Now fill all the required fields for the block and make sure the status of the block is enabled. After inserting all the data for the front page just click on the Save Block button.

Save Static Block

After that your Block appear on the static block section.

Static Block

Now again navigate the Pages sub-menu under CMS menu and select your Home page or any other page where you want to display your static block. Let insert this block in Home page. Just click and open the Home page under the lists of pages. After that you get all the information related to that particular page.

In the left side of the page information you get the 4 tabs; Page Information, Content, Design and Meta Data respectively. Hit the Content tab.

Now you have to find the Insert Widget icon in TinyMCE text editor, that appears on the 2nd numbers to left-top side in TinyMCE, Click on that.

Insert Widget Magento

After click on Insert Widget icon you get a pop with Widget Type drop-down option, you have to select the CMS Static Block. Now you get one more option appear next to the widget type which has the widget options to select the your created block, with select block button, just click on the select block button.

Insert Widget POPUP

You get the list of you created Static Blocks. Select your block that you want to insert in your home page. Now have to click on the Insert Widget button which is appear on the top right side in the Pop-up.


Now you get a icon like a plugin with the name CMS Block, and hit the save page button and visit on that particular page to display the inserted block.


Another Trick to insert the Static Block

There is another simple trick to add static block in page is just insert this code in your TineMCE editor and make sure about theblock_idshould be match with your static block identifier.

{{block type="cms/block" block_id="home_page"}}