Form validation in Node.js

We are not covering the installation of Node.js or setup routes

We need to form validation to get user input based on defined form. Server-side validation is must because we never trust the frontend validation. Frontend validation could not work in some cases if the user turned off his client-side JavaScript.

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Simple Chat application with NodeJs and

To building a chat application we need to implement long/short pooling with JavaScript or jQuery. We can’t say it real-time chat because the user has to wait until the poll response comes. Thanks to, which provides a bi-directional communication channel between a client and a server.

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Gatsby – Working with Images

Gatsby is an awesome open source framework based on React. By using Gatsby we can build ⚡️ fast websites and apps. Gatsby provides the easiest way to develop, build and deploy your apps through the command line. Gatsby provides a great plugin to handle image compression and much more functionality that impresses you.

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