jQuery or $ not defined WordPress Issue

jQuery is a well known and very popular javascript library. It is used to manipulate DOM tree, event handling, animation and for dynamic content loading with Ajax. jQuery is very easy to learn and use. We just need to add the jQuery library in the header section of your HTML page and then you can start using it. Using jQuery with WordPress is a little tricky because WordPress is using other javascript libraries that can conflict with jQuery and that is why we get the jQuery not defined or $ not defined error.

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Fix Update Issues with WordPress 5.0

WordPress officially announced its latest version Babo. Obviously, the new version brings lots of new things as per users as well as developers points of view. And because we have to stay up to date with the new version that brings more security features to keep your website secure.  Read More

Custom Image Upload in WordPress

WordPress has lots of functionality to expend it according to your needs. We are going to talk about Add Media button. When we are creating any post/pages in WordPress, there is a button on the left side with the name Add Media which is used to add media files to your post/page.

Default Add Media Button

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Add read more button with the_content() function

Its quite simple to add the Read More button with the_content() function, the_content() function is displaying the content of the current post but if its find the tag into the post then its only display the upper content of this tag into the single post. This is how it looks like in the template part.

<?php the_content( __( 'Continue reading <span class="meta-nav"></span>', 'twentytwelve' ) ); ?>

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