How to Equalize Column Height in Divi Builder

Divi builder is one of the most popular drag and drop website builder for WordPress. It is very handy to use with great options that help you to build an amazing website. Today we are going to talk about the equalize columns height. For better understanding, we are going to take an example that requires the equalize column hight. Our example contains the basic content in three columns.

Let’s start with the basic content example.

Equalize Column Height Example

Basic Column Example

Basically we have three columns with random content and as you notice the height is not equalized that shall make it more attractive. Let’s find the row settings that contain all these three columns.

Divi Builder Row Settings

The next step is to locate the Sizing option under the Row Settings > Design tab. Now find the Equalize Column Heights option under the Sizing.

Divi Builder Sizing Option

Now, you should click on the equalize column heights option to apply it to the columns.

Divi Builder Equalize Option

The next step is, go to the front-page and refresh the page after saving the settings from the backend. You should see the result similar to the below screenshot.

Divi Builder Equalize Column Height

Just keep in mind that we have to apply the background color to the column to get a similar result. Because we have applied the equalize column height to the columns but not to its module.

You can find the columns settings under the Row Settings.

Divi Builder Column Settings

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