Responsive Google Map WordPress Plugin

After getting success of my responsive Google Map post, i decided to create a WordPress Plugin. It is easy to install like the other plugin. The best and favorite part of this plugin is Responsiveness. This plugin don’t need any extra functionality or CSS to make it responsive. You can freely use it on your website sidebar, posts and pages.


How to use Google Map Plugin?

It is so simple to use this plugin. Just install it like the other plugins and activate it.


After the plugin activation you will get the GMap icon in posts and pages section’s text editor.


When you click on that GMap icon, then you will get two options to highlight your location on Google Map.

  1. Get your Location with your complete Address including the country name.
  2. OR With laLtitude and Longitude

Just select any option that suitable for you, Enter the information in blank fields and just click on the Insert button to generate the shortcode for the Google Map.


Your shortcode for Responsive Google Map is looks like the below example:


How to Control Zoom, Drag, Marker in the Plugin?

After installation of this plugin you can find a new generated option in Settings > GMap Settings menu. Through these settings you can control the ZOOM, Drag and Marker Settings on the Google Map.


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You can set it in Posts, Pages and widgets. Please feel free to report any bug or suggestion in comment section.

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